Zargo and Torito Mz 93 Pred 2, Holbox, Quintana Roo, Mexico

+52 1 998 189 4816

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Spirit Holbox is designed so that our visitors can stay in a place where the high quality standards merge with the trust that creates an honest, fast and effective service, resulting in the tranquility and gratitude of those who stay with us.

We want our guests to feel loved and comfortable. Our home is a place where everyone smiles for pleasure and not by mandate. We want to create an internal team harmony that is reflected in our daily work. Where professionalism flows in a natural way to such a level that our good acts complete the perfect scenario offered by Holbox.

Spirit Holbox is an ecofriendly hotel because we think about the enviroment and we use water heaters empowered with solar pannels and also we have biodigestors which helps to keep the ecological quality of this amazing island. This is part of our identity and philosofy.

If the island is a charm, our work will be more memorable than that! We want our guests to feel at home

Panoramic terrace

to see the entire island


Built thinking in the enviroment


to be remembered all life long!


Solarium, food and beverages, Lounge, garden with river, swimming pool and the beach.


We invite you to go up stairs and see with your own eyes the wonderful views of the island. Our terrace-solarium offers you unique moments thanks to the privileged location that keeps us away from buildings that obstruct the panorama.

Regardless if you go eat or simple to enjoy the 360 degree panoramic view that our pool offers. Spirit Holbox will put you in a unique place!

Food and beverages

Our chef will keep your appetite satisfied and will please your sense of taste, while our bar complements the ritual of the sacred foods.
All this while you are in one of the highest points of the island (our terrace), which is outdoors so that you breathe the wind that brings to your lungs the best quality of oxygen you´ve ever had. We offer breakfast, lunch and cocktails that will make you spend the rest of the day with us.


Our solarium is so large, it allows you to transfer from a culinary experience to a lounge atmosphere in a matter of seconds. Refresh in our pool and get a nice tan in our lounge area, make of your day, a real day of rest.

Our eco-chic environment will take care of everything else!

Swimming pool

Our pool on the ground floor, resembles those found on the haciendas in the Yucatan peninsula. Step by step, descend into its refreshing waters, relax the muscles of the body and compensate for the high temperatures of the island. Open your senses and imagine that you are in a hidden cenote in the majestic jungle of Quintana Roo.

Garden with river

If you prefer to lay back, sunbath and relax in a small oasis, our garden is another option that Spirit Holbox has for you!

A grassy area, surrounded by palm trees, a channel inhabited by Koi fish and a pool-jacuzzi, will be the perfect mix to rest, read, or why not? Have a glass of wine.

The morning and afternoon will give another perception to your senses.

The beach

The Spirit hotel's proximity to the coast will transport you to the beach in the blink of an eye! Our location allows access to a semi private beach space where we have for you, sun loungers and umbrellas. Where you can enjoy the sun and sand this paradise has to offer. Its waters are so low and clear that will allow you to walk inland without difficulty, mesmerizing landscapes where the sea meets the sky and the birds are part of this perfect oil that is our home.